Monday, March 3, 2008


When my husband and I were already married for 5 years we dreamed of getting our own house which we can claim as our very own house having lived with my widowed mother and younger sister since we got married. We have a very big house who can house a family of three which is what my father planned for since he has 3 kids. When my brother got married he lived near the house of his wife’s mother also but the property was theirs. So when I finally settled for good my mother asked us to live with them since they’re only two in the house and its lonely being alone in the house when my sister works outside. I really didn’t want to leave my mother but I respect my husband’s desire to look for a house of our own so we asked for a Free Mortgage Quote and immediately we were scheduled for a house-hunting by an agent of one property developer.

First we were given a list of house models with specific lot area, then we were toured and given a rundown of how we were going to pay that explaining the down payment and the monthly mortgage we’re going to give monthly given the choices of how many years we would want to pay the house and lot of our choice. As couples both working we were given an advantage of sharing a bigger income so we can really choose a much better house package because our house financing agency will give us higher credit line. Monthly mortgage then was lower than today but still is very high when you compare the kind of house you’ll be paying for many years and when you compute all the interests and downpayments the cost of the property will not only double but tripled. We decided to just apply for a lot financing only, in that way we will never be obligated to transfer immediately or live there, it can be an investment for the two of us. We opted for a much shorter period of payment to minimize the interest. After we’ve paid the last monthly mortgage we will just build our dream house little by little by our own savings.


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