Friday, March 7, 2008

Dangerous Libis Roads

Our office is situated across Mercury Avenue in Libis, it was a quiet road and free from bad elements most of the time. During lunch break we spent our few minutes in conference room where we can see all the cars passing through the roads, it was a welcome sight as it relieves pressure of work. The view is also beautiful at night where you can see from afar the hills of Antipolo with shimmering lights of houses and restaurants. It felt good looking at the sight adding up the beautiful lights of the high-rise buildings in Eastwood.

We are located 3-4 blocks from the flyover and because of this the cars coming from it sped up fast and most of the time can’t control their speed even when passing a pedestrian lane. This beautiful place became a nightmare when one early evening around 5-6pm a mercury drug corporation security guard together with 10 employees from a clothes company was hit by a car. We were in the office and half of us have seen through glass windows what happened to the victims.

The guard was signaling the car to stop to let pedestrians cross the street. The two cars stopped but the big truck behind them didn’t and that caused the accident. The guard was badly hit while the others were partially hurt, luckily no casualty but all of them were immediately sent to medical city. We were shocked and later can’t find the courage to cross the street as we’ve seen the vehicles involved. The car’s windows were broken as one body hit the windshield, the truck were investigated and found a faulty brake, and the other car was crushed.

After this accident no security guard was seen in that pedestrian again, maybe they can’t control their fear over the accident and would like to rest for awhile. Luckily all victims recovered fast and someone from our office requested Citizen’s Patrol to cover in their show the need for a footbridge. The interview was shown on TV and we’re hoping that the officials in charge will approve the request as soon as possible.


Bravespirit March 7, 2008 at 7:34 PM  

This saddens me. An overpass should have been constructed there a long time ago! Had our government officials did what they are suppose to do, these accidents may have been prevented. I am not saying it was not suppose to happen, God only knows our fate, but God gave us our minds to think and therefore act accordingly.

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