Friday, March 7, 2008

Expressive Eyes

As I was arranging my things I came upon my kids' baby pictures, I was trying to note down physical details of their faces that changed as they grow older. I can't keep my eyes off this picture because I find his eyes and smile very expressive and so cute (all Moms think their baby is cute hahaha). I remember taking this picture when Josh was only 7 months old, he was moving so fast I had to get my niece' help to get hold of him while I take some shots of him. That explains the fingers on his shirt (in case you're wondering whose hands are those lol!). I still remember that the digital camera that I used was my Bes JennyL's first ever digicam, a gift from her special someone (she'll surely get mad when she reads this :-)) to ever mention it.


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