Monday, May 12, 2008


Got this tag from JennyL old tags, I find it nice so I’m sharing this to you now.

1. Unforgettable Dream
2. Scary Dream
3. Funny Dream
4. Dream House
5. Dream Celebrity Date (foreign or local)
6. Dream Job
7. Dream you had last night
8. Dream for yourself

1. Unforgettable Dream- When I was pregnant with Joshua around 7 months I dreamed of him with the features of his face like eyes, nose, mouth, the whole body very clear and vivid. What’s exciting about it is that Joshua’s face was exactly like that when he was born after 2 months.
2. Scary Dream – Someone cut my long hair!
3. Funny Dream- I dreamed I was flying high! What’s funny about it? Actually not so funny I just thought it was hahaha!
4. Dream House-A house full of flowering plants in the front yard and fruit-bearing trees at the back with a small vegetable garden, location would be few kilometers away from the beach, with my family, my mother and my sister.
5. Dream Celebrity Date (foreign or local)- Jet Li!
6. Dream Job- To be a chemist and part-time writer!
7. Dream you had last night- I dreamed that I don’t have work for today!
8. Dream for yourself- Right now? That my kids will grow up to be a fine young ones with a nice Christian attitude towards life.

I'm tagging JennyR, Geng, Mira, Joan, Maritess, Lutchi, Cherry Rose and Emzkie


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