Monday, May 12, 2008

Lifelock Reviews by Consumers

Getting worried that your personal and confidential information will be hacked by identity thieves? This will put your name in bad reputation if they use the information in bad deeds. This is a serious thing perhaps and in fact, identity theft is becoming the fastest growing crimes today causing many fraud cases. We must be aware of the risk we’re facing every time we click and browse online because identity thieves are capable of opening credit card accounts, purchasing anything they want online, withdrawing money from your bank accounts and using your identity for illegal transactions which will put your name in bad light.

As the thought goes ‘better safe than sorry’ we should take early precautions and get the help of life lock because they focus on prevention and not just solution to damages. Besides all of these they also give vital information and inform the public about the risk of anyone being a victim of identity theft. They offer lifelock promo code to give discounts like the RD17. This promo code will give you the best discount ever giving you 30 days free and $11 discount off your annual subscription fee while giving a 10% off on your monthly subscription.

In terms of searching and comparing prices you’ll be amazed that they offer in their site lifelock reviews by consumers where a table was there to compare Life lock and 3 other providers of identity theft protection. You’ll learn from it as they compare benefits you’ll get from them against others who offer lesser benefits, comparative prices were there also. Benefits include free credit reports, fraud alerts, reduced credit card offers, $1 million service guarantee, walletlock, erecon, true address and a good customer service.


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