Friday, May 16, 2008

Online Dating Reviews

This is really the world of online technology, this generation is luckier because distance is not a problem anymore if you want to meet friends around the world online with our internet. Meeting people in all walks of life has endless possibilities. I remember my friend’s sister who joined online dating where she met many people in different countries and continents. She became friends with most of them and she met this Canadian guy who was living in Australia. They became closer to each other that they find themselves communicating online everyday.

They’ve built a special friendship that led to serious feelings for each other that after almost a year the guy came here to see if they really like each other and would feel the same when they see each other. He crossed overseas just to see her and planned their wedding. I’ve seen for myself how they’re attracted to each other which led to a love that finally took them to marriage bows. The wedding was so beautiful especially when the guy made a speech for her, I witnessed it myself and I was touched. Can't believe they only knew each other by way of online dating reviews that they read about online. Now they’re happily living in Australia with their three kids. My best friend always takes her vacation there. She just came back from her 3-month long vacation there and her sister’s husband was as good and kind as ever.


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