Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jazzing Up Some Lights In Your Homes

My engineer brother invited us to the house blessing of one of his projects but before the projected date of the house blessing he told me that the owner want to add some more lights in the house to add warmth and color to the newly constructed two-storey house. He would need a lot of indoor light fixtures to capture the effect his client wants for his new house. It was a sudden decision and my brother is running out of time to canvass and look for quality lights on good deals.

The only suggestion that I did was to go searching for his required lights online. I told him here’s plenty of a store online that can give all he wants to complete his projected design. Of course to add class and luxurious look to the house he would need some chandeliers that would go well with the carpet and indoor paints. I myself look at every chandelier of the house I’m visiting, we have one in the house with 6 lights but now we’re not using it as I find it not complementing with our new modern decorations.

My brother was happy with my suggestion and he proceeded with looking at all the possible indoor light fixtures that he’ll need to accentuate the paintings and artworks on the wall. He wanted to add some life into the house so he choose some wall fixtures to jazz up the simple wall. He added some vanity lighting for the bathroom and under-cabinet lighting for the kitchen. We’ve finished the tasks days ahead of the scheduled occasion and his client was satisfied. I was also happy that there are sites like Shopwiki that offers solutions to our needs for decorating and beautifying our house in the comfort of doing all the searching, choosing and purchasing in the comfort of our homes.


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