Thursday, July 17, 2008

LifeLock Promotion Code

I’ve received an email from my remittance company asking me to log in to my account and change my password for my protection. Actually it’s just a preventive maintenance on their part and they randomly picked members to participate in their maintenance and I was one of them. Had to sacrifice my lunch break in my office to follow successive instructions in which you cannot stop until it’s finished. It’s a little bit time-consuming though. And why did they do that? Because identity thieves are very rampant now that’s why it’s very important to browse into the sites of companies who offer identity theft protection. I came upon lifelock review and became very interested by the comments and reviews that I’ve read. I’ve learned that every time we go online and register our name on various sites we are putting our name and personal information at risk.

Lifelock provide security and protection on identity theft which is very common nowadays especially that everything is available online like online banking, online shopping and online communications. With lifelock promotion code you’ll get full protection for $9 a month with free 30 days. Along with this discounted rate you’ll be assured that you will have $1,000 service guarantee.

They have an identity theft protection plan for your family and for yourself just visit their site for a complete information on the scope of their protection plan. All I know is the great value of life lock to individuals who are at high risk of being victimized by the hackers. With a plan to protect everyone in the family you’ll be glad to know that your personal and confidential information are secured, your junk mails and pre-approved cards are reduced and you’ll get free credit reports. And if you sign up now you’ll get a free walletlock service, the answer to lost or stolen wallets.


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