Thursday, July 17, 2008

Super Sale!

Viewing Mercury avenue across our building through the glass walls of our building I’ve seen many people carrying kitchen appliances coming from the factory of 3D company. Our maintenance staff told us that there’s a sale of 3D home appliances going on for 2 days now. Me and Florence waited for our break time and crossed the streets as fast as we can to reach the place in a short period as we’re only using our break time. We reached the factory at 3:01 just in time for the closing hours but we managed to get in, thanks for the guards assigned there.

What we saw was a wide open area with appliances sprawling all over the place. Here’s the items that I saw: electric mixer with blender for P585, turbo fan for P550, stand fan for P900 if with remote P1,100, washing machine P4,400, washer, spin-dry, hundreds of glass top casserole sold at P10-60, rice cookers, extension cord at P25, coffee maker, turbo and would you believe a big 3D microwave oven at P1,000. We just made a note of these prices and we’ll be back tomorrow for their extension sale. They might add other items and I’ll be waiting for rechargeable lamps for our church. The staff told us that these are class ‘B’ that’s why they’re selling it but if you purchased an appliance they will test it and you can return it if you want for a limited time only. Btw I bought 2 extension cords lol!


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