Thursday, August 7, 2008

Clearing Away

DPWH workers started the clearing and construction works since Monday but I think they are assessing reactions of the people the reason why their works are slow. After three days of their clearing works I've found only 4 compounds which have finished the clearing. Some of my neighbors are really hesitant to clear their properties because that would mean the start of their zero sales for their businesses.

Since my brother is living in another barangay I've asked him to go to the house and instruct the DPWH team as to what they should do with our stonewalls and gate, clear instruction should be given to ensure that proper restoration will be done. Our neighbors keep on telling us that we're really lucky that my father did a great house plan when he renovated our house in the late '70s. Our house is the only one in our place that has a 5-meter setback which allowed us now to have a little more space remaining for a garden or store after the widening.


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