Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Nice Plan on a Good Morning!

I woke up very early today to do my writing assignment and as early as this time I'm planning my time schedule for the day. I must learn now how to use my time wisely or I'll run out of time for my due dates. I'm studying further how to do writing in a concise manner as I sometimes tend to write in lengthy posts.

Actually my ideas and thoughts just flows from my mind endlessly and I tend to write it all in one snap thus giving me lengthy posts which consumes my time more. It's good to doing this if I have the luxury of time but for this day I should discipline myself on a concise and quality write ups if I want to be able to finish it all.

It's a good morning and it's a good plan for me. Today is our weekly Wednesday bible study and I should be able to post everything before I leave the house for my BS.


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