Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Prevent Sickness from Entering Your Home

I was so happy staying in the house now; I wasn’t able to come to work due to some important matters to attend to. As I’m waiting for someone here in the house I just consumed my time doing all my due assignments online so that my day wouldn’t be empty. I’m glad that Josh is with me as I’m writing as my mind will never run out of ideas. Josh is always asking some questions about almost anything that he can think of and that inspires me to write as he has plenty of ideas to help me. He’s a very active boy and I pray everyday that sickness will not enter our house because it’s hard when someone is sick in the house.

When my kids are sick I feel sick too! Anyway I just make sure that they eat the right foods and take their vitamins regularly to avoid sickness. It’s hard to be sick and hospitalized because if your condition gets worse you’ll experience having dextrose attach to your arms and sometimes they will also add catheter to avoid spills on your bed. There are many things that I don’t like in a hospital so it’s better to prevent sickness to avoid that place.


Grampy July 9, 2009 at 9:38 PM  

The only thing worse than going to the hospital is having your children go. You always feel so helpless.

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