Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Advantage of Satellite Radios

After I’ve finally left the office permanently I have so many things in mind to do the first day that I’m going to be home. I’ve planned everything and listed all that needs priority in arranging our house. The first day was a very busy day as I’ve done some general inventory of my things that I’ve brought from office, the documents that need to be sorted out and personal belongings that need to be stored carefully. Then there’s the car which I’ve already bought and paid to my boss. Actually it’s already deducted in my separation pay so there’s no worry about that.

Now that I legally own the car I want to check and see what’s to be done on it like deciding if I want to repaint it or replace the whole body of the car to save money. It’s a lot cheaper if I buy a whole body than repair the old one. I would be happy to see it done and I’m also thinking of buying satellite radios together with complete car kit to install in our car. It’s nice having it in our vehicle as it has advanced features to give us real enjoyment in listening our favorite news, talk shows, exciting sports and of course beautiful music while traveling. It’s so easy to install and has everything you need in a radio plus the convenience of having it when and where you want it.


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