Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Loves to Eat on Rainy Days

On seasons like these and when you’re in the comfort of your homes it’s always nice to watch television and eat. I just don’t know why rainy days make us cuddle up and eat plenty of foods. As today is declared as National Holiday because of Ms. Cory Aquino’s death children tend to ask for more yummy foods. I’ve cooked their favorite viand for lunch which is a boiled pork hind soup with tamarind and now they’re asking for cakes. They really have a giant appetite but if you look at my kids they’re not fat. I just wonder where they put all the foods that they’re eating lol!

Sometimes I envy my children that even if they eat a lot they don’t get excess pounds unlike adults who turned almost everything they ate into fats. Actually it’s the law of metabolism, I remember my childhood days that even if I eat plenty of sweets and delicious foods my weight remains the same. My cousin who grew up with me was a complete opposite of me when it comes to body built as she’s fat since she’s a child and now that she’s married and already have two kids she grew very big that she really needs some diet pills like Fastin to help her shed unwanted pounds. I just told her that anything she planned to take she must first consult her doctor for safe advices. I told her she can also try what I’m doing now and that’s my fruits and vegetable diet but she wanted a fast diet!


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