Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Inherited Flair for Cooking Holiday Recipes

I’m very fond of cooking and I can say that among my hobbies this one proved to be the most active hobby that I do everyday of my life. My parents came from families that are good in cooking. My Mom always tells me stories of her grandparents being invited to cook for special occasions like wedding and big gatherings. Just the same with my father’s side as his father is known to have a special talent in cooking and used to cook for his friends and relatives on weddings and special occasions.

I grew up seeing my school teacher Mom cook various original recipes for their school’s entry in cooking competition for original, most healthy and economical recipes. Most of the times they win using my Mom’s original recipes and she will teach me their winning entries. I was in my teens when I show my flair for cooking but it all started with desserts and Holiday Recipes because I love to help my Mom when I’m on school vacation. During holidays we tried several unique recipes and we’re happy to see the results from the satisfied visitors we have.

Now that my Mom is old I’m the one who primarily manage the kitchen and I was contented to have my Mom’s golden advices and tips in cooking. She taught me a lot in cooking and when they praise me for my delicious recipes I can only tell them that it’s from my Mom’s tips. Aside from that I also read books and from what I learned from the books I enhanced a bit to give my recipe a special touch. I’m planning to enroll in a baking class so I can be good not only on regular recipes but also on baked goodies just like my Mom who used to bake our birthday cakes. I thank God that I will be able to do this all because He has given me an opportunity to earn income at home. I just love being a work-at-home Mom.


Ebie April 20, 2010 at 1:59 PM  

Hi Race, thanks for finding me and leaving such inspiring comments.

How's your mom? I hope she's doing well. I am sure she have passed on her favorite recipes to you.

I remember your favorite shots are clouds. So far the weather has been very good, I have taken a lot of sky shots including sunsets.

I hope everything is well with you as a SAHM.

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