Thursday, June 9, 2011

Self Storage Solutions

Do we sometimes feel that storage is not enough to cover our important things in the house? Our house is an old stone big house which was built three decades ago, the reason why we have old things that we can’t let go. The house is large enough to house two families but still we want to let go of some of the unused, old appliances and furniture to renovate the house. We’re thinking of converting it to a duplex-type house so we can have our own place. Mom is sharing the house to us and she thinks that it’s best to divide it rather than getting or buying a new house. She can’t imagine us living in a far place and not seeing her grandchildren daily. She loves them dearly and has cared for them since they were born.

We have set our plans for the house and we’re just saving money for the big house expenses. We’re just worried that we’ll have to store our excess things somewhere if we’re to renovate the house. It would be risky not to store it to another place while the renovation is going on. My brother’s place will not be able to handle our things and we don’t have any remote warehouse somewhere to handle it. Now we’re now looking for temporary storage for our things just like Self Storage in Chicago where they handle storage with total 24/7 fulltime security and CCTV and with complete access where their customers can get or drop off their things when they need it.

They have over 20 self storage units to handle lockers, personal attics or even customizable units storage to meet specific requirements of their clients. They provide these storage units with convenience for the customers and at affordable prices. You can book online and have the chance to receive the first month free of charge in any of their storage facilities. They also have self storage New York to serve the tri-sates area. Clients are assured that they’re getting quality service from experienced and skilled relocation consultants to handle storage solutions to them. This will definitely solve any problem most people have in storing their precious belongings that won’t fit in their homes.


Unknown October 6, 2012 at 8:12 PM  

A nice blog especially for people like me who have a hard time letting go of the so called old things and preserving them at a Self Storage Units and visiting the old memories from time to time

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