Saturday, July 7, 2012

Extra Coverage for Liabilities

Many people rely highly on their insurances for the things they need in their lives. They never fail to get insurances for their properties like houses, lots, cars and even on their health. It makes them feel secured that no matter what happen they can claim enough money for the coverage of their properties when stolen or damaged. For them security means getting reliable insurance companies to take care of themselves and their properties when the going gets tough. They actually have a point there because I’ve seen how my former boss wisely use every inch of his insurance whenever his cars met accidents or when one of his properties suffered fire damages. 

 In view of this I was thinking that this kind of people should also have umbrella liability insurance just in case their claim exceeds their policy limits. Well for some people their coverage might not be enough when things get tough. This will be very applicable to certain cases like the recent accidents occurred with some buses where they hit accidents on high flyovers. Few months ago I was astounded to hear one bus dropped off the highest skyway road because of driver’s reckless manoeuvring. I’m sure his operator did dream that he has excess liability for the damages incurred.


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