Saturday, July 7, 2012

Relaxing Outdoor Activities

When we had a vacation in the summer capital we visited all the known places there and lingered on the park more than any other places. It’s where the kids had some real fun times because they did some biking and boating which they can’t do often when we’re in our home. As expected they didn’t want to stop not until they’ve seen that it’s getting darker and felt the cold breeze in their skins. Still they have more capabilities to withstand cold, at least better than I was. Even when I’m dressed in full protective gear against cold I was not able to ignore the freezing weather. 

When one of our friend tried riding on a horse my little boy asked me if they have to wear riding apparel like rj classics with matching riding boots and all. He has this idea that one should be dressed properly to be able to ride the horse in the park. Well any rider should have protective gear also but if they will only ride for half an hour with the complete assistance of staff maybe it will not be required. All in all our vacation proved to be so relaxing, happy and the whole family has bonded a lot.


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