Saturday, July 7, 2012

New Eyeglasses for Me

I love my new eyeglasses which I bought last month. I got it from the moving optical store that serves offices in our place. They’ve been in the business for several years now giving personalized services to employees right at their working places. They would call to schedule their free eye check-up and after the check-up they would show their branded sets of eyeglasses. I actually don’t want to buy as I have 3 old eyeglasses which I think is enough for my various activities but when I laid my eyes on the purple frame I can’t get my eyes off. 

It’s nice that they offer installments because employees will not be able to afford sudden big cash on eyeglasses right away. Anyway there’s no hassle in buying as they collect every payday and their price is still competitive compared to branded eyeglasses on mall stores. Since I know that I’m getting a good deal I gave myself a prize for working hard and bought the purple Levis frame and lens. I was asking if they have roberto cavalli sun glasses because my friend need to buy a new pair of sun glasses for his field office work. Well as expected they have no current stock as their big stocks are more on the eyeglasses but they promised to look for me.


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