Friday, March 7, 2008

The Cousins

The kids were so happy when they reached the house of Uncle Floren (brother of father-in-law); this is also the same house where Ed stayed before we got married. They're very close to their grandma and uncle that Ed together with his 2 brothers lived there. Uncle showed my kids where their daddy used to sleep and where he placed his belongings, actually all his credentials like diploma and certificates were there also. Uncle had some general cleaning of the house and stored his nephews' things separately sealed in envelope. The kids liked the surroundings there with fruit bearing trees and plants all over the place. The weather is much cooler also, you have to wear jacket in the afternoon. I can't seem to get hold of Josh when we're there because he likes to go around the place and that worries me because if you're not careful in going down the stairs outside you might get fall and the end of it was full of stones. Anyway I must accept the fact that boys are much more hyper than the girls, I've already learned that when I had Josh. He’s always active and full of energy. Here’s showing my kids with their cousins, have you noticed that they look the same?


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