Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Little Change In My Blog's Look

Hmm finally had a chance to change my header and some pics here, not a big change but a change nevertheless, I've picked a nice homey atmosphere of a cute house near a river. Water scenery puts some relaxation on my mind whenever I see one in picture or in real life, I remember going to the beach very early in the morning to see the ocean change its colors from dawn up to the point when the sun shines on the water so brightly. The house reflects my preferences in life with God as the center of my life and family as my next priority after God. It's where my heart and life revolves into and the reason for my living.


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Work-At-Home Mom who quit years of corporate life to take care three kids full time. Fond of cooking, reading books and determined to master housekeeping. Created this blog to share about career, job, human resource, hobbies, sports and travel

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