Monday, May 12, 2008

Dinner with Moms

Since it's Sunday fellowship Redge left the church after the morning service, go home first and fetch Mom to go to the mall to have some shopping and dinner. After the afternoon service has finished we informed Redge that we can follow them at Robinson's Metro East so we can also have dinner. Since morning they were asking and requesting us to go somewhere where we can stroll, shop and eat to celebrate Mother's Day, my kids were excited at the occasion especially Josh. Redge had a hard time parting with him when she prepared to leave earlier. I have to carry him back to our service place.

Anyway I also wanted them to enjoy so we hurriedly follow my Mom and sister, the kids played immediately upon seeing Timezone while I entered Greenwich which I saw was getting ready to close. That can't be as Josh was so hungry and they all want pizza. Luckily I'm already in when the close sign was placed. Had ordered chicken, spaghetti, pizza and macaroni salad. When they finally arrived the dining place the store was closed but I told the store that my food orders are for them so they let my family entered the pizza store. Had a great time in a simple pizza dinner! How about you have you shared your time with your kids yesterday?


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