Friday, April 30, 2010

My 3rd Blog Anniversary

I had my 3rd year blogversary the other day and I couldn't believe that it's been three years now that I've been sharing my life and thoughts online. I remember not signing up to friendster or any kind of online account except email because I was afraid my privacy would be invaded. It was on that late summer afternoon last April 28, 2007 when I begun entering the exciting world of blogging.

My first blog Race Corner is a free-hosted one and still running up to now though not as active as my domain blogs. I kept it the way it was to preserve my memory of how simple blogging was. Now it's more complicated and advanced.I may say also that paid opportunities are much harder to grab and requirements are greater but I still love it, love every task that comes my way which reminds me always that God has provided me a way of working at home to be with my family. I had the courage to leave my regular stable job because I found my best job online. Well it's only a bonus as sharing your thoughts and meeting friends online is also one of the most satisfying hobbies.


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